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A Life Well-Lived

Posted by Larry Jones on Nov 15, 2016 9:36:00 AM

Recently I had the honor and privilege

of being a caregiver for my Mother-in Law, Willa Tippett. Known to everyone in the family as Bill, she was born in the little mountain town of Cashiers, NC to Andy and Roxie Cloer. Andy was a Baptist minister and his influence reached into generations of good mountain people. People who feared God and tried to honor Him, and all of their children were blessed because of it. Bill was a beneficiary of her Father's faithfulness.

She grew up in countryside that mirrors Heaven itself, with clear mountain streams to fish in and fresh air to breathe. With two brothers and two sisters as companions, she lived a life filled with love, playfulness, and happiness. As she grew she learned the value of hard work.

Eventually she met and married her husband, John Tippett, who became her earthly companion of sixty years. Bill is the love of his life.

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