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How About Financial Services That Come to You?

Posted by Larry Jones on Aug 23, 2022 9:30:00 AM
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Is your time important to you?

Have you ever scheduled a service call only to have them tell you that someone will stop by your home sometime between 8AM and long as they can get to you that particular day? Aargh!!

If you're like me, your time is a very valuable resource to you. Few things get my goat like someone presuming that they know better how to spend my time than I do. Come on. In this day of instant communication can't we do better than this?

It might come as a surprise to your cable technician, but many TV viewers have jobs. We might even consider it more important to keep that job than to watch Dr. Phil's latest episode about gender-confused insecure college dropouts who hate their lives. 

When you need to see a doctor you must take time off from work. Your car needs repair and you have to be absent from work...again. Your aging parent needs care, and ...well, you get it.

Who has time to meet with a financial planner?

You're probably thinking right now that you'd love to have the chance to improve your financial situation, if only you had the time. Now, thanks to technology, you do!

NavStar Financial Services offers virtual meetings. Now we can meet, see each other, and share documents and information across the web. It's possible to do everything we need to do...virtually. 

What does that mean for you? Here are some benefits:

* You'll have more time for eating bon-bons and directing servants!

Face-to-face meetings take time. Gas is expensive. Why should you take the time to travel to your financial advisor when you don't have to? Or what if you really aren't comfortable with having strangers in your home? Virtual meetings eliminate these aggravating problems.

* You'll be able to keep your job!

Instead of leaving work to travel to your advisor, now you can schedule a virtual meeting during lunch, or any other convenient time during the day. Meetings can be arranged on your schedule. Your boss will now be able to justify keeping you on the payroll, and hey, that's a good thing.

* You aren't limited by geography!

You might be reading this blog in Arizona, and are thinking, "boy I'd sure like to meet with that Larry guy, but he's in North Carolina. Oh, if only he was here in my state." No longer does geography need to be a constraint. Thanks to webcams and document scanning, there's no reason why we can't get together. You'll receive the same high level of service as my clients here in NC.

* Your marriage will grow stronger!

As you begin to get more free time, you'll be amazed at how much your disposition will improve! Your wife, your kids, and even your dog will ever live to be hanging out with you again. Go ahead and build that bonus room for the new baby. Happy days are here again.

Time can be your friend again!

Of course all of the above was said tongue-in-cheek. But if it made you smile, it's probably because you recognize the nugget of truth in it. Busy professionals are simply time-stressed. Deadlines and commitments are never ending. Toss in home repairs, child-care responsibilities, doctor visits, and more, and something has to give somewhere. Don't let your financial life suffer because you don't have time for it.

Let NavStar make your financial life simpler with virtual meetings.

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Are you a busy professional who'd like some time off the treadmill? Virtual meetings combined with our subscription services might be your answer. Download our free report on NavStar's subscription services.

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