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It's Time to Enjoy Virtual Financial Services

Posted by Larry Jones on Apr 21, 2022 9:30:00 AM
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The (Rat) Race is On

If you are like most working age Americans, you sometimes seem overwhelmed by the amount of chores and obligations that you attend to on any given day. We are Wonder Woman parents, Ben Franklin on the job, and Jack Nicklaus in our pursuit of enetertainment. Throw in Church, time spent volunteering, and being with friends, and one wonders how we can manage it all. 

The 20th century was a time of great innovation. The invention of the light bulb freed us from lighting candles, gas and electric heat freed us from procuring and working with firewood. The washing machine liberated women from endless laundry, while electric stoves and refrigerators gave us even more free time. In the 21st century technology has brought even more freedom from toil. With all of these things we should be the happiest and most carefree generation that ever lived.

What happened?

We Want to Do Our Part

Here at Navstar, we feel your pain.

That's why we've warmed to the idea of "virtual" financial services! Thanks to technology, it's no longer necessary to be constrained by time and geography. No matter where you are you can utilize our services. Here are some examples:

Jennifer is 35 years old and works as a computer programmer. She's in the flower of her career, and as her competence on the job has increased, so has her responsibilities. Today she is leader of a team of six other programmers, and she has expected delivery deadlines. During a typical day she'll have several "downtimes" when she is not very busy, but never for more than twenty to thirty minutes at a time. She has often thought of getting professional help with her finances, but just can't seem to find the time to meet with an Advisor.

Not long ago a friend told her about our virtual services. She contacted us to set up a meeting, and we scheduled the first session at her convenience, with the understanding that she could fit it into her schedule because it wouldn't be necessary for her to leave work. Using real-time conference technology the meeting was a success. She began a relationship with us and all documents passed easily back and forth across the internet. The result: Jennifers financial strategy came into being and all monitoring and implementation was also done virtually. Her employer never even had to know anything about what she was doing.

Bob is another good example. He lives in California now, but was once a citizen of North Carolina, and a very satisfied client of NavStar. He was unhappy about having to change advisors after the move, but it turns out he didn't have to. Utilizing our virtual services, Bob can still get the same great service because the technology doesn't care where you are. Geography is simply not an issue anymore.

If you like us, you can still do business with us. And we hope you will!

The Financial Web

Even though NavStar is located in a major financial center, the fact is that our financial relationships are with firms from all over the country. We work with a firm in Nashville for our investments, and utilize a funds custodian in Nebraska. The insurance companies that we do business with are located all over the country. Even if you live here in North Carolina and do business with NavStar, you will have other financial relationships, through us, with firms located outside our beautiful state.

So why not do yourself a favor, and give NavStar a serious look at being your professional planner? We'd love to get to know you.

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