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Financial Survival in Retirement Workshop

What You Need to Know Before and During Retirement

Income and Tax Strategies

  • Where will my income come from?
  • How can I make sure it continues for the rest of my life?
  • Social Security strategies and best practices to get the most $ over your lifetime.
  • Reducing your taxes on your Social Security benefits.
  • Efficient ways to reduce taxes on IRA and 401-k distributions while living.
  • Efficient ways to pass along IRA’s and 401-k’s at your passing.
  • How will my family’s income and lifestyle be affected when I die? 

Healthcare Catastrophe

  • What is Medicaid planning and why you should care?
  • Alternatives to traditional long-term care insurance.
  • Who decides about your care? You, or the State? Your decision timeline


  • Is Buy and Hold the only way?
  • Managing risk in these volatile economic times.
  • Absolute versus Relative Returns.
  • “Peace of Mind” investing

Taxes and Your Estate

  • Planning for YOUR retirement...not Uncle Sam’s.
  • Understanding the rules for taking distributions from your IRA or 401-k.
  • Protecting your retirement assets from your child’s creditors and ex-wives, etc.
  • Why convert a traditional IRA to a Roth?
  • What are the essential legal documents that I must not overlook?
  • Do I need a Trust?

Other Topics

  • Is it possible to retire “tax-free?”
  • The 5 biggest retirement mistakes
  • Advanced estate planning

Learn what you need to know without leaving the comfort of your home. Held each Monday evening from 6:30-7:30

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